WVIC Cares

Please join us May 2, 2015 at 1PM at WVIC to build 50 hygiene kits for the homeless. Kits will be marked with "American Muslims Care" stickers. American Muslims Care is a movement to inspire Muslims across America to volunteer and provide community service in their local communities. Check out their initiative on Facebook to make our communities better. 

Each person will take charge of bringing a certain amount of hygiene items. If you're unable to purchase the items, please consider a donation of $5-$10/person towards buying these items. We can also have a couple of people bringing in the same items, but please post on this Google Doc what you plan to bring. The Google Doc is to organize what each person is bringing.  

Remember click here for the Google Doc list of items you can sign up to bring.

Inshallah these will be distributed at a local soup kitchen serving the homeless on May 3, 2015. Your good deed will inshallah reach those in need in 24 hours! 

Let others know you are coming using our WVIC Cares Facebook Event.

When - 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM, May 2, 2015